Headhunting at highest level: This is what we mean by successful executive search: International recruitment at the highest level by experienced headhunters.

Executive Search
Fil­ling top posi­ti­ons is our busi­ness. Whe­ther for the board of direc­tors, C level or top manage­ment – we scan the mar­ket for you. Ran­ging from tho­rough brie­fing across pro­fes­sio­nal rese­arch and com­pe­tent direct address, we suc­cess­ful­ly con­clu­de the search and eva­lua­ti­on using selec­ting inter­views.

Expect ultimate headhunting with MPB Executive Search:

  • Our pro­fes­sio­nal head­hun­ters act in recruit­ment.
  • Per­so­nal dis­cus­sions deter­mi­ne your requi­re­ments with ulti­ma­te pre­ci­si­on.
  • We know the suc­cess fac­tors for the long-term fil­ling of vacan­ci­es.
  • Our deci­si­ons are at all times trans­pa­rent and clear.
  • This is how we fill deman­ding posi­ti­ons with the right kind of top peop­le. And all this with ISO cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on and as AESC mem­ber.

MPB Executive Search: Individual, discrete and target-specific filling of top level positions

How do you find poten­ti­al can­di­da­tes who are not actual­ly loo­king for a new job? Per­so­na­li­ties with the right tech­ni­cal and human skills and com­pe­tence who are not on active look­out for new chal­len­ges in the labour mar­ket?

For examp­le, by asking MPB Exe­cu­ti­ve Search. Thanks to in-depth indus­tri­al seg­ment and mar­ket ana­ly­ses and our rela­tio­nal net­work, we’ll find the best can­di­da­te for you.

With pro­fes­sio­nal direct address – the king­pin of recruit­ment – we suc­cess­ful­ly fill mana­ge­ri­al posi­ti­ons at C level, in manage­ment and on boards.

1. Methodical search for management team members

Every man­da­te begins with an inten­si­ve mee­ting and dis­cus­sions with the cli­ent, fol­lo­wed by a brie­fing whe­re the posi­ti­on and the para­me­ters are ana­ly­sed. This allows us to work out a requi­re­ment pro­fi­le in the appro­pria­te tar­get mar­ket.

2. Target firm list and direct address

Our con­sul­tants and rese­ar­chers gene­ra­te a list of tar­get firms based on the requi­re­ment pro­fi­le. Once the cli­ent has appro­ved the pro­fi­le, our con­sul­tants start the indi­vi­du­al direct address and, once the “long list” is accep­ted, arran­ge inter­views with inte­rested can­di­da­tes. Only the best can­di­da­tes are put on the “short list” and will be invi­ted to meet our cli­ent in per­son.

3. Individual profile analysis

Our con­sul­ting inclu­des the assess­ment of the can­di­da­tes with respect to their com­pe­tence, skills, lea­dership poten­ti­al and per­so­na­li­ty. The results are then ana­ly­sed in terms of the actu­al requi­re­ment pro­fi­le and the spe­ci­fic soci­al peri­phe­ry. On the strength of this sys­te­ma­tic approach, we can assu­re cli­ents that they will deci­de in favour of exact­ly the right kind of per­son.

MPB Executive Search – to make things match.

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