Headhunting at highest level: This is what we mean by successful executive search: International recruitment at the highest level by experienced headhunters.

Executive Search
Filling top positions is our business. Whether for the board of directors, C level or top management – we scan the market for you. Ranging from thorough briefing across professional research and competent direct address, we successfully conclude the search and evaluation using selecting interviews.

Expect ultimate headhunting with MPB Executive Search:

  • Our professional headhunters act in recruitment.
  • Personal discussions determine your requirements with ultimate precision.
  • We know the success factors for the long-term filling of vacancies.
  • Our decisions are at all times transparent and clear.
  • This is how we fill demanding positions with the right kind of top people. And all this with ISO certification and as AESC member.

MPB Executive Search: Individual, discrete and target-specific filling of top level positions

How do you find potential candidates who are not actually looking for a new job? Personalities with the right technical and human skills and competence who are not on active lookout for new challenges in the labour market?

For example, by asking MPB Executive Search. Thanks to in-depth industrial segment and market analyses and our relational network, we’ll find the best candidate for you.

With professional direct address – the kingpin of recruitment – we successfully fill managerial positions at C level, in management and on boards.

1. Methodical search for management team members

Every mandate begins with an intensive meeting and discussions with the client, followed by a briefing where the position and the parameters are analysed. This allows us to work out a requirement profile in the appropriate target market.

2. Target firm list and direct address

Our consultants and researchers generate a list of target firms based on the requirement profile. Once the client has approved the profile, our consultants start the individual direct address and, once the “long list” is accepted, arrange interviews with interested candidates. Only the best candidates are put on the “short list” and will be invited to meet our client in person.

3. Individual profile analysis

Our consulting includes the assessment of the candidates with respect to their competence, skills, leadership potential and personality. The results are then analysed in terms of the actual requirement profile and the specific social periphery. On the strength of this systematic approach, we can assure clients that they will decide in favour of exactly the right kind of person.

MPB Executive Search – to make things match.

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